Welcome to my page!

I am David Reyes.


This is me. I grew up in both Montpelier and Bryan , although I have still spent large amounts of time being in Archbold.
I was born in Bryan, but have since moved to and lived in Montpelier . I was raised in a rural area of Montpelier.




Contact Information

David Reyes Montpelier, Ohio 43543 419-333-1394


How I started Programming.

I started playing around with making websites in 2018, using inspect element to see how things worked and reacted to each other. In early 2019, I then started using a drag and drop javascript game engine called Scratch to make very basic web games. Eventually I found youtube tutorials on how to make a basic website with html and css in 2020 and made A few very simple personal websites. In late 2020 I learned how to use most of javascript, and started to learn Node.js along with how web servers worked. My first Node.js project had been a very basic forum board to send messages on. After that I wanted to make something bigger and better, so I took on the challenge that is creating a fully functional social media. Lately, I have also started making other small games with engines such as Godot and Unity to expand my knowledge on how programming languages work and are interpreted.

More About Me

I chose to learn programming and game development so I could take a working concept like a social media (facebook, reddit, twitter, etc.), and take all of the good parts that I like out of it. Then I could use those concepts to make my own similar yet completely different program or service that can benefit the users. My goal is to do this without bringing the downsides from the similar programs and services with it. While doing so I also do my best to add features that myself or others could benefit or want from since no other content platform or video game services provide it.

What I do in my spare time.

I used to often play video games with friends or watch youtube videos to pass the time. I quickly grew bored of this and decided that since I can make my own video games or make videos and tutorials, I would use some of the things I learned to be more productive and resourceful, rather than just playing a game that benefits me in almost no way at all.